Wildlife Removal

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Wild animals can become a nuisance and a potential danger to you and your family if they start living within your property. Even if you live in close-knit residential areas or own a property in an industrial location, wildlife can easily find its way into your property to find food and shelter. 

If left unattended, animals such as bats, squirrels, voles, raccoons, and rats can damage the structural integrity of your building, and distribute disease-carrying parasites as well. 

In this case, the best way is to contact Haines City wildlife removal to deal with the situation rather than handle it yourself. 

That’s because hiring an expert is the only way to get rid of these animals and their residual impurities. Without professional evacuation, these animals can always find their way back into your property, costing you more money in repairs and sanitization. 

If this convinces you to try out our humane wildlife control services, our experts are just a call away. You can contact our professional contractors defining your query and get a proposed solution for your problem and a market-competitive quotation. 

The Heart Wildlife Experts, offers a wide range of wildlife removal services Haines City Florida to get you out of any infestation situation.

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Humane Wildlife Removal

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Unlike other wildlife control services, we take pride in using 100% humane strategies for wildlife removal. Rather than hurting the animal or killing it gruesomely, experts concentrate on evicting your property by showing the animals a way out. 

After that, the team works on cleaning the space infested by the animals and conducting thorough sanitization in the area. Once the space is cleaned, our professionals conduct the required repairs to your walls, crevices, insulation covers, wirings, or plumbing. 

Eventually, your property becomes exactly as it was before the infestation. Besides that, our contractors go the extra mile to conserve wildlife by releasing live animals into their natural habitat. 

Moreover, when it comes to humane wildlife removal, we do not use a one-size-fits-all notion for all animals. Instead, our experts assess the extent of your situation, along with the species infesting your home, to devise a tailor-made evacuation plan for you. 

Depending on your situation, our workers may choose to implement one of the following strategies for humane wildlife removal Haines City FL. These include:

One-Way Door Extraction

Most animals stay inside your property if they find an area where they can quickly enter and exit according to their convenience. Our one-way door extraction technique works to close off its entry and exit point and uses chemical deterrents to force the animal out of a single door. 

This way, the animal evacuates the space without getting severely hurt. Similarly, there is minimal damage inflicted on your property through this technique.

Non-Lethal Removal

Another way used by our team to remove animals humanely is to use eco-friendly and non-poisonous deterrents. Our team members are experts regarding animal species and which natural substances will repel them from a given space. 

Using these substances, our experts can drive wild animals out organically without using any poisonous substances to kill them before evacuation. These eco-friendly and organic deterrents can also help keep these animals out in the future to ensure your property does not get infected again.

Humane Trapping Animal Control

While animals like bats are protected against trapping by law, our team works to enforce humane traps for other wild animals. These traps are designed to safely exert minimal force upon the animal to remove it from your property. 

Animals such as raccoons, opossums, and skunks can be easily trapped in box traps or cages rather than foothold traps that might leave them disabled. 

Besides that, humane trapping, such as live trapping, is commonly used by our team to evict birds nesting in the crevices and construction gaps in your property.

Humane Animal Handling

Once driven out or removed from your property, our team ensures the humane handling of the wild animals. If possible, our team members go the extra mile to release these animals back into their natural habitat, where they can easily find the facilities they need to survive. 

Besides that, if the animals infesting your home have given birth to offspring or are living with siblings, our professional eviction workers make sure their families don’t get separated. 

Apart from using humane removal strategies, the experts at The Heart Wildlife Experts help you take all the measures needed to stop animals from infesting your property again. However, regardless of the strategy used, it is essential to conduct thorough animal proofing by identifying the problem areas in your property.